Perk Up! The Best Breakroom Snacks and Drinks

A well-stocked breakroom can be a game-changer for office morale, productivity, and overall employee satisfaction. Investing in quality snacks, coffee, and beverages can create an environment where employees feel appreciated, thus increasing their work output. At Gateway, we’re here to guide you through the best breakroom supplies to invest in. Search our extensive assortment of breakroom supplies to find exactly what you need. Not sure what you need? That’s why we’re here to help! 

The Importance of Breakroom Snacks and Drinks in the Workplace 

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It’s not just “nice-to-have”; providing an array of snacks and drinks in the workplace is an integral aspect of fostering a positive work environment. Having access to a variety of snacks throughout the day not only offers employees a handy way to refuel, but it also creates a sense of community and belonging. That may sound strange, but it’s true! It encourages them to take breaks, engage in conversation, and return to their desks feeling refueled, recharged, and appreciated.  

At Gateway, we believe that variety is key. We offer a broad selection of both fresh and frozen food options for the breakroom that can accommodate all tastes and dietary restrictions. Whether your team prefers healthy snacks or indulgent treats, our range caters to everyone. The benefit of this is two-fold; it not only meets the diverse needs of your employees, but also shows that their wellbeing is a top priority.  

Beyond the immediate satisfaction of a tasty snack or drink, offering a diverse selection can also contribute to overall job satisfaction and productivity. When staff feel cared for and valued, they’re more likely to perform at their best. So, don’t underestimate the power of a well-stocked breakroom. With the right selection of snacks and drinks from Gateway, you can create an environment where everyone feels catered to and ready to tackle the day’s tasks. 

Grab-and-Go Snacks: Perfect for the Busy Bees 

Variety of drinks and snacks

Recognizing the demands of a high-energy workplace, Gateway offers an extensive range of ready-to-eat snacks for those brief, yet essential, break times. Our selection encompasses everything from nutrient-rich protein bars or mixed nuts to the irresistible crunch of chips or pretzels. These handy snacks are perfect for those who are constantly on the move, allowing them to grab a quick bite without wasting precious work time. Providing these easily accessible and diverse snack options not only adds a layer of convenience to their day, but it also helps keep energy levels high and focus sharp. With Gateway Supplies, you can equip your breakroom with a snack selection that respects your employees’ time, caters to their preferences, and fuels their productivity throughout the day. 

Coffee – The Breakroom Essential 

Coffee station with drip coffee machine, cups, stir sticks, creamer. and sugar.

Coffee, often dubbed as the lifeblood of the workplace, is an essential part of a well-stocked breakroom. It can be a vital kick-start to early mornings, a much-needed boost for afternoon slumps, or a comforting warm cup during break times. Gateway acknowledges the significance of this beloved beverage in the daily office routine, which is why we offer an extensive variety of coffee beans from high-quality, respected producers. Our assortment caters to the vast array of taste profiles, from light, medium, to dark roast; there’s a perfect brew for every coffee aficionado in your office. Whether your team prefers a bold, strong blend or a smooth, mellow flavor, our diverse selection ensures everyone’s coffee cravings are met. Keep your breakroom well-stocked with coffee from Gateway Supplies to keep spirits high and productivity soaring in your workplace. 

Coffee Sweeteners and Creamers, Oh My! 

Creating a top-notch coffee experience in your breakroom isn’t just about the beans, it’s also about the additional elements that help bring out the full flavor of your coffee. We understand that everyone likes their coffee a bit differently. That’s why we offer an array of creamers, from traditional dairy to lactose-free and vegan options, to cater to the diverse dietary preferences of your staff. Our sweetener range is just as extensive, encompassing everything from classic white sugar to healthier alternatives like stevia and honey.  

And let’s not forget about flavoring syrups. Whether your team likes a dash of vanilla, a hint of caramel, or a touch of hazelnut, our selection includes a spectrum of flavors to delight every coffee lover’s palate. 

Sodas, Soft Drinks, and Energy Drinks 

Every employee has their own preference when it comes to quenching their thirst. While some find comfort in a steaming mug of coffee, others may prefer the fizz of a soda or the reinvigorating jolt of an energy drink. With this in mind, Gateway Supplies offers a wide assortment of non-coffee beverages to keep your team hydrated and energized throughout the workday. 

Whether it’s a refreshing cola, a zesty lemon-lime soda, or a chilled energy drink for that mid-afternoon push, our selection ensures your breakroom is equipped with a diverse array of drink options. In addition, for those seeking healthier alternatives, we offer a range of low-sugar and sugar-free soft drinks, in addition to a variety of brands of bottled water.  

Ensuring a varied beverage selection in your breakroom not only helps keep your team well-hydrated but also showcases your company’s commitment to catering to their individual needs and preferences. So, let Gateway assist you in creating a vibrant, all-inclusive beverage station that your team will appreciate. After all, hydration is a vital part of maintaining energy levels and focus, making it an essential component of a productive work environment. 

Food Service Disposables for Easy Disposal 

A well-equipped breakroom is incomplete without essential food service disposables like paper coffee cups, plates, disposable cutlery, and paper towels or napkins. They add convenience to break times, making for an efficient and hassle-free experience. At Gateway, we understand the importance of sustainability, which is why we provide options that are not only useful but also environmentally responsible. Choose from our array of sustainable disposables and lower your carbon footprint while maintaining a well-functioning breakroom. 

Keep It Clean 

Cleaning Equipment

Maintaining a clean breakroom is as crucial as stocking it with snacks and beverages. Breakroom cleanliness prevents germs from spreading, boosting overall employee health. Gateway provides high-quality cleaning supplies, such as disinfecting wipes, multipurpose cleaners, and trash bags, to help ensure a hygienic, organized environment. Our selections promote a cleaner workspace, keeping your team healthier and happier. 

Choose Gateway for Your Breakroom Snacks and Beverages 

Gateway is more than just a provider; we’re your partner in enhancing your office environment through our vast selection of breakroom products. When you choose us, you are opting for an extensive range of high-quality items that cater to all dietary needs and personal preferences of your employees. Our goal is to make your breakroom a place of comfort, convenience, and satisfaction for everyone in your team. We understand the significant role that snacks, beverages, and coffee play in maintaining a positive and productive workplace. Thus, we are committed to providing top-notch items that your employees will love and appreciate. Whether it’s our wide array of mouthwatering snacks, refreshing beverages, or our selection of coffee essentials, we’ve got you covered. Plus, our products are carefully chosen for their quality, ensuring you’re offering your team the best. With Gateway, transforming your breakroom into a hub of employee satisfaction and productivity has never been easier. Choose us and experience the Gateway difference. 

Create a Modern Breakroom Your Employees Will Love 

Creating a modern breakroom for your employees can be a daunting task. How do you make sure you have the right furniture, products, supplies, and appliances to create an enjoyable space? Gateway has the answer. Our experienced team has the expertise to help you design a breakroom that will be loved by all your employees. From helping you select the best furniture to finding the right appliances, Gateway can help you create the perfect breakroom. 

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Breakroom Checklist for Workplaces

Breakroom Checklist for Workplaces

Get the best for your breakroom with Gateway. 

Whatever your workplace, you want to ensure that you have the right supplies available for a comfortable and productive breakroom. The breakroom is for more than just heating up leftovers and grabbing a 2pm pick-me-up. It’s a place to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. Having regularly scheduled deliveries from Gateway ensures that your breakroom will always be stocked with everything you need from snacks and drinks to cleaning supplies and sustainable, disposable plates.  

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