Shopping Local and Why It’s Best for Everyone 

Buying local is better, we all know that. From the meat and produce we eat to the tools we use from the local hardware store, shopping and supporting local is what keeps a community alive. Here at Gateway, we live local, support local and love all things local. Here’s how supporting and purchasing local helps your community.

Boost Your Local Economy 

This is, by far, one of the most important reasons to shop local. By purchasing your workplace supplies from a local vendor, you are supporting your neighbor, your child’s tee-ball coach, etc. You are circulating the money from your community back into your community. This is beneficial since it boosts the local economy while also improving community engagement and camaraderie. Smaller companies do not always receive as much attention as bigger businesses, therefore your engagement with them will make a lasting impact.  

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

When you shop local, whether you go to a store or have something delivered to you from a local store, there are fewer opportunities for fuel consumption and carbon emissions from planes and large transport trucks. Delivery trucks will not have to spend as much time on the road because they are delivering locally and know how to appropriately plan their routes to ensure optimal use of gas.  

Create Jobs 

In addition to boosting the economy, the more you buy local the more jobs you are helping create and sustain. Local companies are often more likely to hire from within the community than to outsource their employees. Oftentimes someone just starting out in a career would rather work close to home than travel far away. When businesses grow, employment opportunities increase, helping everyone.  

Personalized Service 

When you go to the same bookstore every week, the bookseller will tell you about new releases coming out, what is about to go on sale, and what they think you would like best. The same is true for office supplies and workplace solutions. Your local vendors will know what you need and see that you get it for the best price available. If you’re missing something on your order that you normally use, we’ll notice and ask if you need it. We tell you about upcoming products, sales, inventory surpluses, and more while ensuring that you get the highest quality, lowest cost products that are right for you and your business’s needs.