Boost Your Brand: Maximizing Your Reach with Promo Products 

Are you looking for ways to increase the reach of your brand? Promo products are a great way to boost your visibility and reach new customers. From apparel to tech gadgets, drinkware to travel accessories, and writing utensils to miscellaneous items, Gateway has everything you need to help your brand become better known.  

Making a Memorable Impression 

To make a memorable impression with your promotional products, it’s important to find the right items that resonate with your target audience. At Gateway, we understand the significance of brand awareness and can help you find the perfect products to promote your business. 

One key factor to consider when choosing promotional products is whether or not they will be well-received and used by recipients. It is crucial to select items that people will genuinely appreciate and find value in. By offering products that are useful and desirable, you increase the likelihood of them being incorporated into people’s everyday lives, creating more exposure for your brand. 

Another important aspect to consider is durability. The last thing you want is for your promotional products to break or wear out quickly, leaving a negative impression on the recipient. That’s why at Gateway, we prioritize quality and offer products that are built to last. Our extensive range of items are designed with durability in mind, ensuring that your brand stays top-of-mind for longer. 

So, whether it’s trendy apparel, cutting-edge tech gadgets, practical drinkware, convenient travel accessories, reliable writing utensils, or fun miscellaneous items, Gateway has you covered. Our print shop can handle all of your custom branded products. With our help, you can make a memorable impression and boost your brand’s reach like never before. 

Apparel: Clothing That Sells 

When it comes to promotional products, apparel is a category that never goes out of style. Clothing items are a great way to showcase your brand and make a lasting impression on potential customers. Whether it’s custom t-shirts, embroidered hats, or branded jackets, apparel offers a wearable and functional way to spread awareness about your business. 

One of the key advantages of using apparel as a promotional product is its versatility. With various options available, you can cater to different preferences and demographics. From casual t-shirts for everyday wear to high-quality polos for a more professional look, you can choose clothing that aligns with your brand’s image and target audience. 

Not only does apparel act as a walking billboard for your brand, but it also creates a sense of belonging and loyalty among those who wear it. When customers proudly wear your branded apparel, they become ambassadors for your brand, sparking conversations and attracting attention wherever they go. 

When selecting apparel for promotional purposes, it’s crucial to prioritize quality. We offer durable fabrics and materials that ensure comfort and longevity. This way, customers will continue to wear and showcase your brand long after receiving the product. 

To further enhance the impact of your promotional apparel, consider adding additional customization options. This could include not only your logo but also unique designs or slogans that capture your brand’s personality and message. 

Custom Banners: Be Seen Across the Room 

Custom banners and tablecloths are essential tools for businesses and conventions looking to make a lasting impression. At Gateway, we offer a wide range of customizable options that will help your brand stand out from the crowd. 

Custom banners are an effective way to showcase your logo, message, or special promotions. With vibrant colors and bold designs, banners can attract attention and generate interest in your brand. Whether you need a banner for a trade show, event, or storefront, we have the perfect solution for you. 

Branded tablecloths are another excellent promotional tool that can elevate your brand’s visibility. With your logo prominently displayed on a high-quality tablecloth, you can create a professional and cohesive look for your booth or display. Whether you’re attending a trade show, hosting a conference, or participating in a community event, a branded tablecloth will help you make a memorable impression. 

In addition to custom banners and tablecloths, Gateway also offers a variety of branded displays to enhance your promotional efforts. From banner stands to pop-up displays, we have the products you need to create a visually stunning and attention-grabbing presence. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your brand’s visibility with custom banners, branded tablecloths, and branded displays. With Gateway’s high-quality and customizable options, you can make a lasting impression at any event or convention. 

Tech Gadgets: Tech It Up a Notch 

In a world that is increasingly connected and reliant on technology, tech items offer a unique opportunity to showcase your brand’s innovation and relevance. From custom power banks to branded Bluetooth speakers, tech gadgets provide a practical and stylish way to boost your brand’s visibility and leave a lasting impression on your target audience. 

One of the key advantages of using tech gadgets as promotional products is their high perceived value. People are often drawn to the latest gadgets and appreciate receiving items that they can use in their everyday lives. By offering tech gadgets that are not only functional but also visually appealing, you can create a positive association with your brand and increase the likelihood of them being incorporated into people’s daily routines. 

Tech gadgets also have a wide reach and appeal to various demographics. Whether it’s a sleek wireless charger for busy professionals or a trendy phone grip for tech-savvy millennials, there is a tech gadget to suit every target audience. Gateway’s versatility allows you to tailor your promotional products to the preferences and needs of your customers, ensuring maximum impact and engagement. 

Furthermore, tech gadgets have the potential to create a buzz around your brand. When customers receive a unique and innovative tech gadget, they are likely to share their excitement with others, generating word-of-mouth marketing and attracting new customers to your brand. By offering products that stand out from the competition and offer a wow factor, you can differentiate your brand and make a memorable impression in a crowded market. 

At Gateway, we offer a wide range of high-quality tech gadgets that are designed to impress. From wireless earbuds to virtual reality headsets, our products combine cutting-edge technology with sleek designs, making them perfect promotional tools for your brand. So, tech it up a notch and let your brand shine with our innovative and stylish tech gadgets. 

Drinkware: Quench Their Thirst for More 

When it comes to promotional products, one category that never fails to quench the thirst for brand exposure is drinkware. Customized mugs, tumblers, water bottles, and other drinkware items offer a practical and stylish way to spread awareness about your business. At Gateway, we have a wide selection of drinkware options that will leave your customers thirsty for more. 

One of the main advantages of using drinkware as promotional products is their functionality. Everyone needs to stay hydrated throughout the day, whether at work, at home, or on the go. By offering drinkware items that are not only visually appealing but also practical and convenient to use, you can ensure that your brand gets seen by a wide audience in various settings. 

Additionally, drinkware items are often shared, borrowed, and taken on the move. When someone uses your branded water bottle or coffee mug, they become a walking billboard for your business. Whether they’re at the office, the gym, or a social gathering, your brand’s logo and message will be visible to others, creating additional exposure and sparking conversations. 

At Gateway, we understand the importance of quality when it comes to drinkware. That’s why we offer durable and long-lasting options that are built to withstand everyday use. From stainless steel tumblers that keep beverages hot or cold for hours to spill-proof water bottles perfect for active individuals, our drinkware products are designed to make a lasting impression. 

To further enhance the impact of your promotional drinkware, consider adding unique designs or slogans that capture your brand’s personality and message. By creating eye-catching and memorable designs, you can make sure that your brand stands out from the competition and leaves a lasting impression on recipients. 

So, quench their thirst for more with high-quality, visually appealing, and practical drinkware from Gateway. By choosing drinkware as your promotional products, you can ensure that your brand gets seen, remembered, and appreciated by a wide range of people in various settings. Cheers to boosting your brand’s reach! 

Travel Accessories: Take Your Brand on the Go

When it comes to promotional products, don’t forget about the power of travel accessories! These items offer a unique opportunity to take your brand on the go and increase your reach even further. At Gateway, we have a wide selection of travel accessories that will help you promote your business wherever your customers may wander. 

Travel accessories are not only practical but also visually appealing, making them the perfect promotional tools. Whether it’s customized luggage tags, branded passport holders, or personalized travel kits, these items are designed to catch attention and spark conversations. When your customers use these accessories while traveling, they become walking billboards for your brand, spreading awareness and generating interest wherever they go. 

Additionally, travel accessories have a wide appeal and can be used by various demographics. Whether you’re targeting frequent travelers, adventure enthusiasts, or weekend explorers, there are travel accessories to suit every need. Gateway’s extensive range of options allows you to tailor your promotional products to the preferences and interests of your target audience, ensuring maximum impact and engagement. 

So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your brand on the go. Explore our selection of travel accessories and find the perfect items to promote your business. With our help, you can make a memorable impression wherever your customers may roam. 

Miscellaneous Items: Fun, Creative, and Practical Ideas 

When it comes to promotional products, sometimes it’s the unique and unexpected items that make the biggest impact. That’s where miscellaneous items come in. These fun, creative, and practical ideas are perfect for catching people’s attention and leaving a lasting impression. 

One popular choice for a miscellaneous item is stress balls. These squishy balls are not only great for relieving stress but also serve as a constant reminder of your brand. With various shapes, colors, and customization options available, stress balls can be tailored to fit your brand’s personality and message. 

Sports equipment is another fun and engaging option. Whether it’s branded mini basketballs, customized frisbees, or personalized golf balls, these items are perfect for active individuals and sports enthusiasts. By offering sports equipment as promotional products, you can tap into the passion and excitement of your target audience, creating a positive association with your brand. 

Banners are a creative and eye-catching way to promote your brand at events, trade shows, or even outside your business. With vibrant colors, bold designs, and your logo prominently displayed, banners can attract attention and generate interest in your brand. They are a great way to make a statement and stand out from the competition. 

For those looking to provide practical items, umbrellas and drink koozies are excellent choices. Umbrellas offer protection from the rain while showcasing your brand’s logo and message. Drink koozies, on the other hand, keep beverages cold and hands dry, making them a useful and appreciated item for parties, outdoor events, and picnics. 

Writing Utensils: Write on Target 

When it comes to promotional products, don’t underestimate the power of writing utensils. Pens, markers, highlighters, and styluses are all versatile and practical items that can help spread awareness of your brand. 

Pens are a classic choice and are widely used in both professional and personal settings. By offering branded pens, you ensure that your logo and message are seen every time someone reaches for a writing instrument. Plus, pens are often shared or borrowed, providing additional exposure for your brand. 

Markers and highlighters are great tools for students, professionals, and anyone who needs to emphasize important information. By offering branded markers and highlighters, you provide a practical and visually appealing product that will be appreciated and used by your target audience. 

Styluses are becoming increasingly popular as more people rely on touchscreens for their everyday tasks. By offering branded styluses, you not only provide a useful tool but also showcase your brand’s innovation and relevance in a digital age. 

Gateway Has It! 

No matter which promotional product you choose, Gateway has you covered. Our high-quality and customizable options will ensure that your brand makes a lasting impression every time someone sees your logo. So, make your mark and hit the target to boost your brand’s reach. 

Tips to Reduce Workplace Noise and Create a More Productive Environment 

Noise in the workplace can be incredibly distracting and distractions lead to a decrease in productivity. It is important to create a work environment that is both efficient and comfortable for employees. At Gateway, we promote these five simple tips to reduce workplace noise and create a more productive environment. These tips are easy to implement and will help improve the quality of your workspace. Read on to learn how you can reduce workplace noise and create a better, more productive, more inclusive working environment. 

1. Implement Privacy Spaces 

A meeting is taking place between two individuals at a conference table located in a room with architectural glass walls.

One of the most effective ways to reduce noise in the workplace is to implement privacy spaces. Privacy spaces can be created through the use of architectural walls and paneling to reduce sound traveling between workspaces. Dedicated rooms for printers, copiers, and other loud machinery are also a great way to contain sound and provide a more peaceful working environment.  

Privacy spaces also provide employees with a place to focus on their work without distraction. Quiet meeting rooms and private offices allow for collaboration and brainstorming sessions in peace, without having to compete with the rest of the office for attention. Additionally, these spaces provide the opportunity for remote work or telecommuting when needed, as well as providing a quiet space for employees to take breaks or complete individual tasks.  

Privacy spaces allow for both focused collaboration and individual work, creating an environment that is conducive to productivity and creativity. By implementing privacy spaces in your office, you can significantly reduce the amount of noise in your workplace and create a more productive environment. 

2. Encourage the Use of Headphones 

Man working on laptop while wearing headphones

Headphones are a great way to help individuals focus in a busy workplace. By wearing headphones, people can filter out any distracting noise and remain productive. Not only that, but they can also prevent others from being distracted. For example, if an employee is participating in an online training session or on a phone call, using headphones ensures that the meeting sounds will not distract others in the office. 

Headphones can also be helpful during meetings. If there are multiple voices or conversations going on at once, wearing headphones will help drown out the background noise and allow everyone to focus on what’s being discussed. This can lead to a more productive meeting and better outcomes. 

Lastly, headphones can be useful for newer employees who are just learning the ropes. Listening to audio tutorials with headphones will ensure that their training does not affect others in the office. This can be especially helpful in a busy office where other activities might be going on. 

3. Invest in Sound-Absorbent Materials 

Two work areas are separated by office space featuring acoustic sound-absorbent wall paneling.

One of the best ways to reduce workplace noise is to invest in sound-absorbing materials. This can involve creating paneling between workspaces, whether fabric, glass, or otherwise. Sound-absorbent paneling on ceilings can reduce echoes, while using fabric furniture and carpeting can help reduce ambient office noise.  

These measures not only reduce noise but also create a more aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. You can create dedicated touchdown spaces for meetings and conversations, giving employees the chance to collaborate in a quiet and peaceful environment. This way, employees can focus more easily and be more productive. Furthermore, when the office is quieter, it is more conducive for creative thinking and problem-solving.  

Sound-absorbing materials are a cost-effective solution for reducing workplace noise. Not only do they create a more peaceful workspace, but they can also last for years with proper maintenance and care. Investing in sound-absorbing materials is an investment in the overall productivity of your office. 

4. Schedule Quiet Time 

Woman is experiencing stress due to the noise

One way to potentially cut down on office noise is by scheduling quiet time for employees. It may sound silly but has been proven to be effective in many workplace environments. This could involve having times where everyone is asked to turn off their cell phones, put away any noisy equipment, refrain from scheduling meetings, and avoid using loud machines like copiers and printers. It is important to ensure that the entire team understands why you are asking them to observe these quiet times and be respectful of the environment.  

During quiet time, you may want to consider setting up some low-level background white noise. Additionally, you may want to consider having a designated “no-talking zone” in the office to provide those who need more peace and quiet with the extra solitude they need. 

5. Promote Awareness 

Noise control is everyone’s responsibility, and if everyone pitches in it can be easier to maintain a comfortable and distraction-free work atmosphere. Encourage your employees to be mindful of their surroundings and respect others who may need a quiet environment in which to concentrate. 

You can also help by providing clear policies about acceptable noise levels and making sure everyone is aware of them. It’s important that these rules are enforced, otherwise they won’t make a difference. Additionally, you should emphasize the importance of politeness, respect, and courtesy when communicating with one another. 

Finally, you should ensure that your office has enough breakrooms and areas where people can take a break and have conversations without disturbing others. Providing areas where people can go to relax, chat, or simply take a break away from their desks can help keep the noise level down throughout the day. 

How Gateway Can Help 

Delivery capabilities

Gateway has all the materials you need to create comfortable, productive workplaces with quiet zones. From acoustic ceiling tiles, architectural walls, and sound absorbent office furniture and flooring materials, Gateway can help you create the perfect environment for your business. By promoting awareness and encouraging respect for others, creating quiet times, investing in soundproofing measures, encouraging headphone usage, and implementing privacy spaces, you can create an environment where everyone can focus on their work without being distracted by ambient office noise.  

Clean Workplace Necessities from Gateway 

Creating and maintaining a clean workplace is an imperative aspect of running a successful business. A clean and organized workplace helps create a professional and welcoming atmosphere for both employees and customers. Not only does it show that you care about your workplace, but it also makes for a more efficient and productive environment. Ensuring that your facilities staff have what they need to keep your workplace safe is paramount. We’ll break down the basics of creating and maintaining a clean workplace so that you can keep your business running smoothly, in addition to recommending a few of our favorite products. 

Electrostatic Sprayers 

Electrostatic sprayers are increasingly popular in the workplace. They are effective at sanitizing and disinfecting large areas quickly, allowing for a clean and safe environment for employees. These sprayers produce a powerful electric charge that causes liquid particles to cling to surfaces. This technology provides superior coverage compared to traditional manual spraying. The electrostatic force of attraction also helps to ensure that chemical solutions penetrate difficult-to-reach areas such as cracks and crevices.  

By using an electrostatic sprayer, businesses can save time and money by reducing the amount of time needed to sanitize or disinfect large areas. Additionally, using an electrostatic sprayer helps to ensure that the desired chemical solution is applied evenly and consistently over the entire area, providing complete coverage. In addition, many of these sprayers come with adjustable nozzles, allowing you to adjust the amount of solution being sprayed and the range of coverage. Check out the Handheld Sprayer and Backpack Sprayer from Victory Innovations. 

Air Purifiers 

Air purifiers are an essential component of creating a clean and healthy workplace environment. They can help to reduce air pollution levels, filter out harmful airborne particles, and keep your workspace smelling fresh. Additionally, the use of air purifiers in the workplace has been linked to improved employee health, productivity, and morale.  

The power of scent in the workplace should not be underestimated. A pleasant scent can have a positive effect on your mood and productivity. Air purifiers allow you to customize the scent of your workspace by releasing a steady stream of scented or purposefully “unscented” air.  

Air purifiers can also reduce the spread of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that can cause illness or allergies. This is especially important in busy office environments, schools, distribution centers, and medical facilities, as germs and allergens can quickly spread among workers, students, and patients. Using an air purifier can help to reduce the risk of these illnesses being spread throughout your workplace. The leading brand of air purifiers is Fellowes, known for HEPA filtration excellence.  

Antimicrobial Furniture 

Antimicrobial office furniture is designed to help reduce the spread of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. These types of office furniture can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings and have numerous benefits that make them perfect for commercial use. The use of antimicrobial furniture in the workplace can help reduce the number of germs and bacteria that are present in the environment. This can help prevent the spread of disease, as well as create a healthier work environment overall. Additionally, antimicrobial furniture can help reduce the amount of time it takes to clean and maintain the workspace. This can save money on cleaning costs and help improve employee morale.  

Antimicrobial furniture is beneficial for all workplaces: corporate offices, medical facilities, hotels, restaurants, and schools. In medical facilities, antimicrobial furniture can help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses, ensuring that patients receive the best care possible. In hotels and restaurants, antimicrobial furniture can help keep surfaces clean and safe for customers. And finally, in schools, antimicrobial furniture can help keep students healthy and safe by preventing the spread of germs. 

Floor Scrubbers 

Floor scrubbers are the perfect solution for cleaning hard surface floors in any workplace, whether it’s a corporate office, car dealership, restaurant, school, warehouse, or sports arena. Floor scrubbers provide a deep clean for any type of flooring and are essential for ensuring a safe and healthy environment.  

There are several benefits to using floor scrubbers in any workplace. The first is that they make it easy to clean floors quickly and efficiently. Floor scrubbers can handle even the toughest messes with ease, leaving the floor sparkling clean in no time. They also reduce the amount of time and labor needed to maintain floors since they are so fast and efficient.  

Another benefit of floor scrubbers is that they can help save on costs. Floor scrubbers require very little water, meaning that businesses can save money on their water bills. Additionally, floor scrubbers don’t require much detergent or cleaning solutions, which can help keep cleaning costs down as well. Finally, floor scrubbers are great for reducing allergens and dust. As they deep clean the floors, they help eliminate dirt, dust, and other particles that can cause allergies or other health issues. By reducing allergens and dust, businesses can ensure that their employees remain healthy and safe. Get in with Gateway today to get a Oreck Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine.  

Hard Surface Cleaners 

When it comes to hard surface cleaners, there are many products available. The best way to determine which one is right for your facility and janitorial purposes is to evaluate what type of surface you are trying to clean and the degree of cleaning that is necessary. For example, if you need to clean surfaces that come into contact with food, it’s important to find a product that is designed specifically for food contact surfaces. Here are some of the most popular hard surface cleaners that you can use to keep your workplace clean and safe: 

All-Purpose Cleaners:  

These are ideal for daily cleaning tasks like wiping down hard surface seating, desks, and other surfaces. They are usually non-toxic and biodegradable, making them safe to use around people and animals.  


Disinfectants are designed to kill germs and bacteria on surfaces. Look for products with labels like “kills 99.9% of germs” or “kills cold and flu viruses.” For hospital grade disinfecting, use AvistatD.  

Glass Cleaners:  

Glass cleaners can be used to quickly remove dirt and smudges from windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces. They also leave behind a streak-free finish. 

Specialty Cleaners:  

There are also specialty cleaners available for specific tasks like cleaning stainless steel or wood.  

When it comes to hard surface cleaners, it’s important to always read the label carefully before using any product. Make sure that you use the cleaner according to the directions on the label and store it in a safe place away from children and animals. 

Safety Signage 

Having the proper safety signage is an important part of creating and maintaining a clean workplace. Safety signage helps to remind everyone in the workplace about how to stay safe and maintain cleanliness. When it comes to wet floors, hazardous materials, hand washing, and other areas, safety signage should be displayed prominently to ensure that the proper protocols are followed. Safety signage can help prevent accidents, injury, and illness in the workplace. 

For wet floors, it is important to display signs, like this Rubbermaid Multilingual Pop Up Safety Sign, that indicate that the floor is slippery when wet. This will help ensure that workers and guests are aware of the potential danger of slipping on a wet floor. Additionally, hazardous material signs should be posted in areas where hazardous materials are stored or handled. This will help remind workers to use caution and wear protective gear when handling dangerous materials. Hand-washing signs should also be placed near restrooms and other areas where food is being served. This will remind workers and customers alike that they need to practice proper hygiene. Additionally, first aid kits should also be placed in easily accessible areas in case of emergency. 

The Difference Between Sanitizing, Disinfecting, and Cleaning 

When it comes to creating and maintaining a clean workplace, there are three terms you need to know: sanitizing, disinfecting, and cleaning. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, they each serve their own unique purpose and will help you stay OSHA complaint.  


Cleaning is the process of removing dirt, dust, and other particles from surfaces. Cleaning does not necessarily kill germs; however, it can help reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. Cleaning should always be done before sanitizing or disinfecting to ensure that the germs are completely removed from the surface. 


Sanitizing is the process of reducing the number of germs on surfaces to a safe level. It involves using either heat or chemicals to kill bacteria and viruses. To sanitize, use a product that has been approved by the EPA for use on hard, nonporous surfaces.  


Disinfecting is the process of killing harmful germs on surfaces. This is usually done with a disinfectant solution that contains high levels of active ingredients like alcohol, chlorine, or iodine. Disinfectants are typically used in medical settings where germs must be killed immediately. 

Breakroom Checklist for Workplaces

Breakroom Checklist for Workplaces

Get the best for your breakroom with Gateway. 

Whatever your workplace, you want to ensure that you have the right supplies available for a comfortable and productive breakroom. The breakroom is for more than just heating up leftovers and grabbing a 2pm pick-me-up. It’s a place to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. Having regularly scheduled deliveries from Gateway ensures that your breakroom will always be stocked with everything you need from snacks and drinks to cleaning supplies and sustainable, disposable plates.  

Stock your breakroom, teachers’ lounge, or customer rest area with the essentials and have stress-free next day delivery with no minimums and hassle-free returns with Gateway. 

Avanti 3 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator / Beverage Cooler Source:

Make sure you’ve got the right appliances for your breakroom so that everyone’s needs are covered. With the right appliances, your staff will easily be able to bring their lunch to work, get their mid-morning coffee in house, and refill their branded water bottles to stay hydrated.  

  • Refrigerator 
  • Freezer 
  • Microwave 
  • Water Cooler 
  • Ice Machine 
  • Coffee Machine 

Coffee Station 

Provide your employees, customers, and clients with delicious roasts, teas, and iced coffees, complete with everything they could need to personalize their cup of joe exactly how they like it. With a wide assortment of coffees from Starbucks, Green Mountain Coffee, Peets, Lavazza, and more, you’ll find something for everyone.  

  • Hot Cups 
  • Cold Cups 
  • Milks and Creamers 
  • Sweeteners 
  • Stirrers 
  • Straws 

Food and Beverage

Make sure your staff has the right snacks and drinks to ensure a productive and efficient workday. Make sure to keep allergies and dietary restrictions in mind when procuring your food and beverages, ensuring everyone is able to get some snacks throughout their workday.  

  • Teas & Coffees 
  • Sodas 
  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 
  • Microwavable Meals 
  • Protein, Granola, and Snack Bars 
  • Allergen-Free Snacks 

Food Service Disposables 

With the right food service disposables or reusables, everyone will be able to comfortably eat and drink their snacks, beverages, and meals without ever having to leave the workplace or bring utensils from home. Whether it’s Pizza Friday or Jess from Accounting’s birthday, you want to ensure everyone can eat comfortably and easily.  

  • Forks 
  • Knives 
  • Spoons 
  • Bowls 
  • Plates 
  • Cups 


Make sure everyone has a comfortable place to take a break, eat their lunch, have a quick brainstorming session, or catch up on the day’s news. With ample storage, tables, and seating, you’ll never worry about a cluttered, messy breakroom. First impressions matter, so if customers or clients want to take a lunch break, you want it to be in a welcoming space.  

  • Seating 
  • Tables 
  • Couches 
  • Whiteboards 
  • Televisions 
  • Storage Cabinets 

Cleaning Supplies 

Keep your space safe and sanitary with the right kind of cleaning and facility supplies. Make clean up a breeze by ensuring everyone has access to the breakroom cleaning supplies.  

  • Sponges 
  • Dishwashing Soap 
  • Handwashing Soap 
  • Paper Towels 
  • Napkins 
  • Trash and Recycling Bins and Liners 

Download this checklist and work with Gateway to ensure hassle-free, regularly scheduled breakroom supplies deliveries.

Hybrid Work Essentials For The Modern Age

The Hybrid Work Life

With so many people still bouncing between working in a corporate office and a remote office, having the proper tools for a hybrid work environment is paramount. According to an American Opportunity Survey, up to 58% of workers are working hybrid, with at least one day of the work week spent working from home. This means that there’s a rather large pool of consumers looking for solutions to improve their work environments, whether at home or in the office.  

To make sure you never miss a beat, you must plan in advance. Do you have the right workstation for you? What do you need from the corporate office in your home office? Is your home Wi-Fi going to accommodate your workload? How do you transport everything from one workplace to the other? What does returning to work look like for you? How can you stay within your budget and ensure efficiency? 

Many questions come to mind, but never fear. We have compiled a list of Hybrid Work Essentials to get you through transitioning from home to the office and back again. 

Furniture Essentials 

Whether working from home or in the office, there are a few furniture essentials you cannot forget. Where you work and what you sit or stand on can be the difference between a mediocre workday and a great workday. Improve your life one piece of furniture at a time.  


Your desk is your workspace, and it needs to work for you. Whether you prefer something small or large, finding that perfect fit is imperative. From adjustable height to an impressive executive desk, we have what you need. Want to add storage to your workspace? Not a problem! Many of our offerings have built in cabinets to hold all your important documents and supplies. Looking for a sit-stand desk? We’ve got them! Not only will you improve your productivity while working, but you also increase circulation, burn calories, lower your risk of heart disease, and reduce the aches and pains that may come from sitting in a chair for hours at a time. 

  • Reception Desks 
  • Sit-Stand Desks 
  • Executive Desks 
  • Conference Tables 
  • Storage Desks 


With any kind of desk, you need to ensure you are being kind to your bones and you can do that with the right adjustable office chair. Customize your seating settings to allow for comfort while working. For sit-stand desks, don’t forget your anti-fatigue mats, adjustable-height stools, and laptop stands. You may even want to invest in a walking pad so that you can get your steps in while completing that big project! 

  • Ergonomic Desk Chair 
  • Rolling or Stationary Seating 
  • Chair Mats 
  • Casters 
  • Slip-Resistant Padding 
  • Anti-Fatigue Mat 
  • Walking Pad 

Work from Home Supplies 

When working from home, you will want to make sure that you have everything you need to work productively. This means boosting your Wi-Fi, having appropriate noise-blocking devices (especially if there are other people home during work hours), an organized desk set up, an appropriate desk chair, and much more. While it may seem overwhelming, having these products available to you will ensure efficiency during your workday.  

  • Charging Ports 
  • Docking Stations 
  • Home Office Monitor & Monitor Arms 
  • Wi-Fi Booster 
  • Task Lights 
  • Desk Organizers 
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones 

Corporate Office Supplies

Have you ever sat at your desk and realized your stapler is missing? Or that you’ve misplaced your favorite pen? In recent years, we’ve come to learn just how important it is to have your own supplies, essentials that no one else uses. Not to mention keeping your items clean is crucial to your continued health. Make sure you have all the corporate office essentials you need to ensure both accessibility and safety.  

  • Pens 
  • Staplers 
  • Three Hole Punches 
  • Sanitizing Wipes & PPE 
  • Sticky Pads & Notepads 
  • Mouse & Mouse Pad 
  • Wrist Rests 
  • Office Monitor 

Commuting Supplies 

For centuries, people have been commuting between home and work. Thankfully, there have been incredible advancements and innovations so that you’re no longer carrying a bindle on the end of a stick. With the appropriate bag you can easily store everything you’ll need for the day, while ensuring you can carry your supplies between both places easily. Remember to bring certain things like charging cords and notepads from your home office to your corporate office and vice versa.  

  • Cord Organizers 
  • Data Storage 
  • Commuting Bag 
  • File Organizers 
  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses 
  • Lunch Box 
  • Sealed Travel Mug 

Gateway Has It!

Whatever you need, Gateway has it. Whether you’re looking for a new adjustable-height desk or a way to organize your desk, our sales associates will help you find the right fit for your work environment. Having served South Texas since 1963, we are your one source for all workplace design, supplies, solutions, and services.  


The Benefits of Shopping Local

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Shopping Local and Why It’s Best for Everyone 

Buying local is better, we all know that. From the meat and produce we eat to the tools we use from the local hardware store, shopping and supporting local is what keeps a community alive. Here at Gateway, we live local, support local and love all things local. Here’s how supporting and purchasing local helps your community.

Boost Your Local Economy 

This is, by far, one of the most important reasons to shop local. By purchasing your workplace supplies from a local vendor, you are supporting your neighbor, your child’s tee-ball coach, etc. You are circulating the money from your community back into your community. This is beneficial since it boosts the local economy while also improving community engagement and camaraderie. Smaller companies do not always receive as much attention as bigger businesses, therefore your engagement with them will make a lasting impact.  

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

When you shop local, whether you go to a store or have something delivered to you from a local store, there are fewer opportunities for fuel consumption and carbon emissions from planes and large transport trucks. Delivery trucks will not have to spend as much time on the road because they are delivering locally and know how to appropriately plan their routes to ensure optimal use of gas.  

Create Jobs 

In addition to boosting the economy, the more you buy local the more jobs you are helping create and sustain. Local companies are often more likely to hire from within the community than to outsource their employees. Oftentimes someone just starting out in a career would rather work close to home than travel far away. When businesses grow, employment opportunities increase, helping everyone.  

Personalized Service 

When you go to the same bookstore every week, the bookseller will tell you about new releases coming out, what is about to go on sale, and what they think you would like best. The same is true for office supplies and workplace solutions. Your local vendors will know what you need and see that you get it for the best price available. If you’re missing something on your order that you normally use, we’ll notice and ask if you need it. We tell you about upcoming products, sales, inventory surpluses, and more while ensuring that you get the highest quality, lowest cost products that are right for you and your business’s needs.