Breakroom Checklist for Workplaces

Get the best for your breakroom with Gateway. 

Whatever your workplace, you want to ensure that you have the right supplies available for a comfortable and productive breakroom. The breakroom is for more than just heating up leftovers and grabbing a 2pm pick-me-up. It’s a place to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. Having regularly scheduled deliveries from Gateway ensures that your breakroom will always be stocked with everything you need from snacks and drinks to cleaning supplies and sustainable, disposable plates.  

Stock your breakroom, teachers’ lounge, or customer rest area with the essentials and have stress-free next day delivery with no minimums and hassle-free returns with Gateway. 

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Make sure you’ve got the right appliances for your breakroom so that everyone’s needs are covered. With the right appliances, your staff will easily be able to bring their lunch to work, get their mid-morning coffee in house, and refill their branded water bottles to stay hydrated.  

  • Refrigerator 
  • Freezer 
  • Microwave 
  • Water Cooler 
  • Ice Machine 
  • Coffee Machine 

Coffee Station 

Provide your employees, customers, and clients with delicious roasts, teas, and iced coffees, complete with everything they could need to personalize their cup of joe exactly how they like it. With a wide assortment of coffees from Starbucks, Green Mountain Coffee, Peets, Lavazza, and more, you’ll find something for everyone.  

  • Hot Cups 
  • Cold Cups 
  • Milks and Creamers 
  • Sweeteners 
  • Stirrers 
  • Straws 

Food and Beverage

Make sure your staff has the right snacks and drinks to ensure a productive and efficient workday. Make sure to keep allergies and dietary restrictions in mind when procuring your food and beverages, ensuring everyone is able to get some snacks throughout their workday.  

  • Teas & Coffees 
  • Sodas 
  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 
  • Microwavable Meals 
  • Protein, Granola, and Snack Bars 
  • Allergen-Free Snacks 

Food Service Disposables 

With the right food service disposables or reusables, everyone will be able to comfortably eat and drink their snacks, beverages, and meals without ever having to leave the workplace or bring utensils from home. Whether it’s Pizza Friday or Jess from Accounting’s birthday, you want to ensure everyone can eat comfortably and easily.  

  • Forks 
  • Knives 
  • Spoons 
  • Bowls 
  • Plates 
  • Cups 


Make sure everyone has a comfortable place to take a break, eat their lunch, have a quick brainstorming session, or catch up on the day’s news. With ample storage, tables, and seating, you’ll never worry about a cluttered, messy breakroom. First impressions matter, so if customers or clients want to take a lunch break, you want it to be in a welcoming space.  

  • Seating 
  • Tables 
  • Couches 
  • Whiteboards 
  • Televisions 
  • Storage Cabinets 

Cleaning Supplies 

Keep your space safe and sanitary with the right kind of cleaning and facility supplies. Make clean up a breeze by ensuring everyone has access to the breakroom cleaning supplies.  

  • Sponges 
  • Dishwashing Soap 
  • Handwashing Soap 
  • Paper Towels 
  • Napkins 
  • Trash and Recycling Bins and Liners 

Download this checklist and work with Gateway to ensure hassle-free, regularly scheduled breakroom supplies deliveries.

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